Community Outreach

UCEDI, Inc. l Non-Profit 
 A Non-Profit, 501(C)3 Serving the USA, DR Congo & the World.
​We help and raise Awareness in All Fields and take actions in order to stimulate the Development.

Inform, Sensibilization and Vulgarization to promote good health and prevent diseases in communities is one of our focus. We encourage people in the agricultural activities and to the environment protection. We provide advice and consulting to the integration of immigrants and promote the respect of laws and regulations. 

See how we run extra miles to provide hope to the hopeless.

Small Business Initiatives 
To train and inform people on very important topics in any determined fields. We train disadvantaged people so they can become skilled and be able to work and impact the development of their communities in organizing Workshops, Festivals, Conferences, Sportive Activities and Educational Camps. With an established Learning and Information Centers, this project will be very beneficial to disadvantaged people.
Education & Training

US Congo Education & Development Initiatives. Inc.

We promote Entrepreneurship 
Every person with creative ideas deserves a chance to see them turn to a project. We educate people to be financially organized and provide needed information on how to invest. We support the creation of small businesses by soliciting funds to make sure everyone deserve a good life.
We help improve lifestyles in all fields , as practical ways to impact disadvantaged people , or any targeted groups of interest (Youth, Women, Students, Parents, Individuals living with disabilities, Pygmies, etc.).