Francis Lopaka Shako

Head of Training, Seminaries, Conferences & Capacities Reinforcement

BA in International Relations. Researcher & Trainer. Experience in Personnel Capacities Strengthening (GAR: Gestion Axee sur le Resultat).

recent programs

Our project for learning and information centers recently got the attention of our partners and the media. Learn more about this page-turner. A Summer Festival and Youth Camps are planned.

Osee Musama

DRC Investment & Business Initiatives Department

Degree in Commercial & Financial Sciences. Experienced Auditor and Owner of various Businesses in DRC.

 Jay Mayaka, MS, DEPA, BS


​​​​​Mother Dianne Thomas,

Board of Trustee; President of The Dianne & Lillie Foundation


Francine-Margueritte Semete, Esq.

Executive Vice-President 

Head of Legal, HR & Career Development Department

She has a University Law Degree and registered at the Bar Association of the DRC. She has experience managing Non-Profit Projects, specially concerning women well being.

Ir. Ado Kalaki

​Executive Media & Communication

Head of Marketing & Development Department

Head of Environment Department

Predictive Engineer & Expert of World Meteorologists Organization in charge of Marketing Marketing & Press..

US Congolese Education & Development Initiatives

Aimee Elaba

​DRC Public Relations & Logistics Department

Degree in Financial & Commercial Sciences & Accounting Expert

Dina E. Koli, MS
Executive Events Coordinator

Head of Fundraising Department

She field of studies includes Project Management, BS in Information System. Experience in Universities Administration and Academic Accomplishments.

Volunteering as President of various Non-profit organizations, or Communities or Associations in the past was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven entrepreneurs and life changers on the globe." (J.M.)


More people and organizations are volunteering for us and do their best to make the difference in the lives of disadvantaged people. Find out how to become our partner in contacting us.



Fiston Talahumbu, MBA

Head of Investment & Business Department

His background is in Economics and has deep experience in Investment and Financial Institution companies. He works hard for business quality improvement and is also a IBM Leadership Member.

Our founder

Board of Trustee - 

2016 - Jay Mayaka initiates this Non-profit organization and interested Experts in different fields (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Project Consultants, Human Resources Managers, environmentalists, Teachers, Agronomists, Financial & Economic Experts, etc.) to make the decision to join the organization and to work for good causes.

A team of College and University Degrees, Professionals, and organizations have found interest in this respectable vision and have joined the management of this organization in order to make a difference. 

Lina Levongala , Board of Trustee; Manager of a big World Communication Organization

Joujou Dipesa

Executive Public Relations

Head of Community Relations & Affairs Department

AA in Interpretation, she is an  Independent Drama Artist with Awards earned in Africa & Europe Theater & Drama by Canal France International, Wallonie Bruxelles Internationale, Visa pour la creation, Civil Society for Children & Gender.

mission & vision

It takes one person to have a vision to change the world with the effort of all. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and bring the development for all and to all.

​​​​Daddy-Brown Mbaki, MS

Executive General Secretary

Head of Strategic Planing & Operations Department

His fields of study include Project Management, Economics, Finance & Accounting. He is in charge of Proposal and Grant. He has worked for  Non-Profit Organization in Africa & Europe.

our leadership team - SPECIFIC PROJECT DIRECTORS

Aimee Kangala

Executive Treasurer

She is a Professional Style Designer.

Xavier Mbiyi

DRC Country Representative

He manages all DRC Projects and Administration. BS in Financial Management & Accounting. Experience as a USA Health Institution Projects & Hospitals Administrator in the DRC.